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Honeymoon travel

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If you're religious people, you can see [[Jerusalem]] (Israel), many cities or ashrams in India , [[Lourdes]] (France), [[Medjugorje]] (Bosnia and Herzegovina), [[Fatima]] (Portugal), tzadiks' graves in Middle-Eastern European countries (mostly Poland and Ukraine), Muslim sacred places as [[Mecca]], Buddhist sacred places in Mongolia, India or Bhutan, Guadelupe (Mexico), [[Częstochowa]] (Poland), Marija Bistrica (Croatia) or Polish sanctuaries in [[Wejherowo]], [[Lichen]], [[Gierzwałd]], [[Święta Lipka]], [[Leśniów]], [[Piekary Śląskie]] or Łagiewniki in [[Kraków]].
If you aren't fan of romantic places you can chose non-typical places for your honeymoon as [[Freighter travel]] or just make it a backpacker or hiking journey (see: [[List of itineraries]] ).
== Flights ==

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