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updated info on flights
===By plane===
There is one international airport in Tuvalu, on the island of Funafuti. '''Fiji Airways''' [] flies from [[Suva]] (originating from Nadi) in [[Fiji]] to Funafuti Tuesdays & , Thursdaysand Saturdays. Return trip costs around 1200 Fijian Dollars including tax (535 € ) However, this is . This used to be among the most unreliable flight services in the world. However, according to, the flight service is quite stable apart from occasional disruption due to cyclones in the area. So be prepared to wait a week or more some days beyond your intended departure date. Due to its monopoly status, Air Pacific has operated an unscrupulous business between Fiji and Tuvalu, now that Air Fiji (which was partly owned by the Tuvaluan Government) no longer operates.
===By boat===

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