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'''Helper''' is a town in [[Northeastern Utah]]. ==Understand==Helper is a town just north of [[Price]], founded in 1881 because of the location along the railroad. It was named because of the helper cars needed on the railroad to help the trains get up the mountain. Just to the West of the city you can take a little hike to a few different ghost towns (they were coal mining towns). Spring Canyon Trail follows the abandoned railroad line that served the coal camps of Peerless, Spring Canyon, Standardville, Latuda, Rains and Mutual. The paved trail winds though the canyon past the old town sites where only ghosts remain. Several parking areas and restroom facilities are available along the trail. ==Get in==*'''Amtrak''', [http]. Helper is served by the ''[[California Zephyr]]'' than runs between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. * <eat name="" alt=Get around"" address="" directions"" lat="" long=See"" phone="" tollfree"" email="" fax=Do"" url="" hours"" price==Buy== ==Eat== ==Drink== ==Sleep== ==Contact== ==Get out=={{routebox| image1=US-6.png| imagesize1=22| directionl1=W| majorl1=[[Spanish Fork]]| minorl1=Jct [[Provo|N]] [[Image:US-89.png|18px]] [[Fairview (Utah)|S]]| directionr1=E| majorr1=[[Grand Junction]]| minorr1=[[Price]] | image2=US-191.png| imagesize2=22| directionl2=N| majorl2=[[Vernal]]| minorl2=[[Duchesne]]| directionr2=S| majorr2=[[Moab]]| minorr2=[[Price]]}} {{IsPartOf|Northeastern Utah}}{{outline}}{{cityguide}}[[Wikipedia:Helper, Utah]]""></eat>

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