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[[Pashto phrasebook|Pashto]] and [[Dari phrasebook|Dari]], an Afghan dialect of [[Persian phrasebook|Persian]], are both the official languages of Afghanistan. Most Afghans are able to speak in Dari and Pashto. The latest CIA country profile mentions that Dari is spoken by about 50%, mainly in the Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e Sharif and Central Afghanistan regions. Pashto is spoken mainly in the South and East; it is also spoken in neighbouring Pakistan. The remaining are Turkic native language, primarily [[Uzbek phrasebook|Uzbek]] and [[Turkmen phrasebook|Turkmen]], and there are also 30 minor languages such as Balochi. English is now at the climax of its flourishing in Afghanistan and the percentage of those who speak English now has reached unprecedented rates. President Karzai, his cabinet and many others are fluent in English. The English language was taught at in the past from the 7th grade, but now is taught from the fourth grade and signs in English in the streets are becoming common now all over the country. English is the second foreign language in Afghanistan. Quite a lot of people also speak basic [[Urdu]]/[[Hindi]] due to the fact that millions of Afghans lived in refugee camps in Pakistan and the popularity of Bollywood in this country.
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