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Bocas del Toro

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Added a "Don't" to warn other travelers about the perils of trying to buy ganja in Bocas
There are a lot of tour operators in bocas. Usual day-tours will include a visit to the dolphin bay, snorkeling a visit of an island, a drive through the mangroves and a short visit to the starfish fields. Tours will cost you about 25$ and will take 6,5h. They will always tell you the tour is more expensive at the beginning. Also you should just pay a deposit if you plan to do the tour on the next day, because the weather is sometimes not predictable.
* Don't try to buy marijuana or "ganja" in Bocas del Toro! There are a few different scams going and there is not good quality marijuana. It is also still illegal in Panama. One scam will involves someone riding off with your cash to go and get your weed never to return. Another one perpetrated outside of a popular busy Hostel involved a couple guys that turned your $20 bills into $1 bills in front of your eyes and said you didn't give them enough money and they need more. Another scam is selling poor quality weed that is wet and obviously not the weight you're intending to pay for. With any confrontation the sellers become aggressive and threaten violence. They will even stalk you when you don't pay insisting they need money for their time and transportation to come find you. Beware!

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