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David (Panama)

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By bus
===By bus===
You can take the bus from Albrook Terminal in Panama City to David. The buses leave almost every hour through the day. The day buses take 7-8 hours and costs $15.30 25 a person. The night expresses buses take 6 hours and costs $18.20 a person. Traveling to David by bus is probably the safest if you're traveling from Panama City. The buses usually stop in the city of Santiago on the way to David for bathroom breaks and food. Highly suggested that you try some of the food they serve at these stops. Also, you'll find a cart where they sell sweets (mini chocolate eggs and another square treat called cocada), try them out.
The day non-express buses are almost always available and don't require purchasing tickets a few hours in advance. The 3 night express buses, however, sell out from time to time. If you intend on taking one of the night express buses, you can either go in the morning to secure your seat, or you can use the service Panama Bus Tickets ( to reserve your spot without having to make an additional trip to the bus station. They purchase ticket(s) on your behalf once ticket sales open so all you have to do is collect your ticket(s) at Albrook Terminal up to 15 minutes before the bus departure time.

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