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Salkantay trek

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Responsible Travel
==Responsible Travel==
Every day there are 700 people walking in the Humantay Lake and Salkantay Mountain. Usually the travellers used the tour operator or travel agency without responsibility. Salkantay trek is most beautiful hike to Machu Picchu but every day the tour operator or travel agency distroy the landscapes. These companies irresponsible to have been devastating the nature and the scenery during the time by building igloos, hotels and restaurants at every former campsite for their own profit. If you would like do the Salkantay Trek. [ Responsible People] Foundation recommend to book with a travel agency offering camping in tents instead of igloos. In this way, you can demotivate companies from building new igloos and other constructions of solid materials.
==Tourist information==
* Official Tourist Information Office - Portal Mantas 188 (Next to the church of La Merced)
* '''Tierras Vivas''' - A tour operator specializing in Salkantay trek since 2006
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