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Tours & Activities: Short activities
India is an amazing land to be explored and discovered. India offers a different aspect of her personality - exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic - to each traveller of the country. There are six regions or zones according to tourism point of view: 1) North, 2) South, 3) East, 4) West, 5) Central and 6) North East. While North and North-East boast of splendid palaces, forts and mighty Himalayas; South and West have beaches, bustling towns, backwaters and architectural marvels ; East is famous for religious ties: One finds ancient roots of both Hinduism and Buddhism here.
If you plan on taking on Indian tourist places, do note that India is a huge land and has all kinds of people living here- friendly as well as non-friendly ones, so be street-smart wherever you are and enjoy an amazing trip. '''E-Tourist Visa has been extended to 37 more countries recently (The list now has 150 countries).''' Indian government has become more tourist friendly, however tourists do find themselves paying a lot more than usual due to differential pricing of travel agents through out the country. It is advisable to consult Government Tourist Information Centres located at Railway Stations or Airports. '''Do not get in the hands of touts and cheats who post Government Approved Agent signs all over their shops''' There are many online travel sites to help you plan your trip in a systematic and organised way. Like for booking Train Tickets you can visit (This is a government website to sell train tickets); for Bus Bookings you can visit different state road transport websites like Himachal Road Transport ( and also all states have their own tourism websites that can help tourists.various tourist destinations in India offer different kinds of activity related tours like walking tours , cycle tours ,kitchen experience etc.

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