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San Cristobal de las Casas

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If you are travelling to Guatemala via La Mesilla, you have three ways to do it. Either you take the ADO bus for MX$170 which will take you to Ciduad Cuauhtémoc, and from there, take an orange shared taxi for MX$10 to the actual border. The other alternative is to take a TAOSA collectivo to Comitan for MX$60 and from Comitan a collectivo to Ciduad Cuauhtémoc for MX$60, then a shared taxi for MX$10 to the border. Lastly and the most expensive option is to pay a tour guide operator in San Cristobal to take you across the border to Panajachel for example, for approx MX$700. Please note, that on the Guatemala side of La Mesilla you can get a chicken bus (Camioneta) to HueHuetenango for Q20 (MX$49) and from HueHuetenango (pronounced whey whey) to other areas including La Cuchilla where you get off and take another collectivo to Panajachel. Using this last transport you could probably do the trip from SC to Panajachel for about MX$200. However due to the distance you may need to stay 1 night in either HueHuetenango or Quetzaltenago (pronounced Sheyla).
'''IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING EXIT TO GUATEMALA''' You will have to pay MX$558 exit tax at the La Mesilla border AND as of March/April 2019 a new rule has been enforced that requires the payment of MX$558 entry tax if coming from Guatemala. Yes, you now have pay to exit and enter Mexico. When entering across the La Mesilla border the Mexican Immigration will give you a form and make a payment at the bank next to the INM office. This is not a scam. It is now law. As for whether you can avoid the exit tax by presenting the INM Official with a copy of your itemized plane ticket that clearly shows the itemizes costs including the tax, however they may ignore this and still force you to pay.
A tour to two of the '''local indigenous villages''', [[San Juan Chamula]] and Zinacantan is found at 9:30AM at the plaza in front of the cathedral, next to the Zocalo. Cesar and Raul are always there and everyone who appears is accommodated. They speak many languages and this visit really needs a guide, so you understand the interesting things you will observe. They supply transportation and entrance fees. The tour returns around 2:30PM (lunch time in Mexico). In 2019, this tour cost 250 pesos. [].

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