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San Cristobal de las Casas

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ADO bus cost and payment
The '''express bus''' system for getting around Mexico is advanced. The buses are generally comfortable and clean and there are multiple lines to choose from in a user-friendly way with professional and helpful ticket clerks at most main stations. The roads to San Cristóbal are winding and can be dizzying so some choose the option to take a bus and let a professional driver do the work. You can see the beautiful greenery of Chiapas all around you on the trip through the big bus windows, or pull the curtain to nap.
At the current time of 26 October 2019, you can get an ADO bus from Mexico City Norte bus station to San Cristobal for approximately 860 peso, but only if you book your ticket online on the ADO website at least 1 day in advance. You can choose to pay for your reservation at Ahorro Pharmacia via the PAYNET system. Once your payment is done, you will receive your ticket via your registered email. There are also other payment options available.
There is a road to San Cristóbal and it takes about 35 minutes to get from Tuxtla Gutierrez to San Cristóbal and is not so vertiginous as the old road. There is also an '''airport''' that is one hour 15 minutes from San Cristóbal and as of spring, the fare for a ''taxi'' is 700 pesos per taxi to San Cristóbal and 250 pesos to Tuxtla Gutierrez, or a shuttle service offering door-to-door service for 200 pesos to/from San Cristóbal. From Tuxtla one can take an '''"Omnibus"''' that leaves every 20 minutes to San Cristóbal for about 40 pesos. There are many other public transportation modes from Tuxtla to San Cristóbal: taxi colectivo, autobus, and collective suburbans. The taxi drivers all know where these are located.

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