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====Transmittable diseases====
[[Image:Dog_on_a_stick.jpg|thumb|Dog meat for sale.]]
A list of transmittable diseases in China is at this link [ on the Fit For Travel website]. Numerous vaccinations are recommended there. Serious illnesses transmitted by [[mosquitoes]] include [[malaria]], [[dengue fever]] and Japanese Encephalitis.
[[Image:Dog_on_a_stick.jpg|thumb|Dog meat for sale.]]
Rabies kills 2000 people in China each year. This is statistically only a small 0.000001429% of a population of 1.4 billion. However you do not want to be one of the 2000. See this document for sensible precautions []. The rabies situation is made worse since the 2009 launch of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival (The dog meat trade is the only trade known to encourage the mass unregulated movement, sale and slaughter of millions of dogs each year, posing a significant human health risk through the potential transmission of animal borne diseases, notably rabies, but also cholera and other deadly diseases). Dog eating is practiced in China often provoking hypocritical indignation by people who discriminate in the species of animals they do and do not eat. 20 million dogs eaten annually makes China the world's largest dog meat consumer. Dogs are reared on farms for human ingestion. There are also many cases of pets stolen to end up on restaurant tables and in human stomachs. The karma of rabies transmission from ingesting meat of an infected dog needs no explanation.
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