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* '''Motorcyle taxis (motos)''' are the most popular and fastest way to get around town. The fare for the motorcycle ranges from 200 RFr-1000 RFr depending on distance, but most of the motocyclists will ask for RFr 200-500. A trip to or from the airport should be around 1500-2000 RFr. Keep in mind that on the main road out to the airport they really put their foot down. It is however a good well sealed road, nice views over Kigali City and a thrilling ride.
* '''Matatus''' (minibuses) provide major routes throughout the city and are the cheapest way to get around. The Minibus in Rwanda is one of the best forms of transport in East Africa. Most of the buses are still new and are maintined maintained well. There are several minibus companies which connect Kigali and the other cities in Rwanda. All of them give the same price depending on the distance. For short distance, such as to Ntarama, it costs only 600 RFr. The distance to Ruhungeri cost costs 2500 RFr and to Gisenyi 3000 RFr.
* There are several '''car rental''' agencies in Kigali.
* There are many '''taxis''' in Kigali, and in comparison with motos are expensive. A short 1km trip will cost Rwf 2,000 after haggling, going up to Rwf 10,000 for an airport run. Taxis are mainly of two types in Kigali - those operated by individuals (usually with some form of yellow stripe on the vehicle) and more professorially professionally run services operated by a single large operator. The Kigali Airport Taxis and Kigali Taxi Service are the two major groups, ; there are others companies also running taxis , but these are the largest and both operate a number you can call to sumon summon a taxistaxi. 3122 for Kigali Taxis service and 476586 for Kigali Aiport Taxi service. A reliable individual is Alex, who is on 0788741559 (French & some English spoken).

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