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Salkantay trek

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*Binocular, “ to enjoy landscapes”
*Trekking Poles
=== Companies ===
*'''Llama Path'''
**Santiago was an outstanding tour guide in 2012 with Llama Path
*'''Cusi Travel'''
**Tour operator with projects that give back to local communities
*'''Tierras Vivas'''
**Is a tour operator specialising in Inca Trail tours since 2006
==Tourist information==
* '''Official Tourist Information Office''' - Portal Mantas 188 (Next to the church of La Merced)* Tierras Vivas - A tour operator specializing in Salkantay trek since 2006* Inka Trail Expeditions Peru - A tour operator in [ '''Salkantay Trek'''] since 2007 located in San Agustin #317* Peru Andean Explorer PAE - Machu Picchu Tours [ '''SMachu Picchu Tours'''] located in #188 Choquechaca street, San Blas - Cusco

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