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The new Khiva railway station has opened since June 2019. A train to Buchara leaves three times a week at 8.57 AM and costs 80.000 som per person. The trip takes 6 hours. You'll arrive at a station called Buchara, but it is actually 10 kilometers from Buchara. Skip the annoying taxi drivers outside the train station that ask far too much for the ride that they will tell you to be 15 kilometers. Instead take a (mini)bus, just 200 meter from the station near the road (1000 som per person).
There is a new train running most days: Khiva (dep 1428), stopping at Urgench (arr 1458), Bukhara (arr 2233), Samarkand (arr 0238) and Tashkent (0658).
===By bus===
===Ichon-Qala (Itchan Kala)===
The old town Ichon-Qala (Itchan Kala) covers an area of about 26 hectares. It is rectangular in plan. The tourist office inside the West Gate will most likely ask you to buy a 2-day ticket that covers entry for all of the museums and buildings inside the city (excluding the Islom-Khoja minaret and a few madrassas). As of September 2019, there are three prices, 150,000 VIP (all access), 100,000 (Standard) and 50,000 (basic) with varying number of sites included. Child and student prices are 50%. Unfortunately there is no map or checklist showing what is or isn't included, and many sites are well hidden. Tickets are valid for 48 hours, so you can split your sightseeing up across up to 3 days. You can enter each site more than once on the same ticket.
If you don't plan to enter any of the buildings (where tickets are checked) and just want to walk inside the old town and eat there, you can avoid paying the ticket by entering through a different gate.

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