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East Palo Alto

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'''East Palo Alto''' is a city on the [[Peninsula (Bay Area)|Peninsula]] in the [[San Francisco]] [[Bay Area]] of [[California]].
sex ==Understand==While [[Palo Alto]] is really tastyconsidered one of the more affluent areas of Northern California, East Palo Alto has a less posh reputation. In the early 90s it had one of the highest murder per capita rates in the USA, though that has changed in recent years [ (article)].
==Get in my ass==
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Fireworks are illegal in East Palo Alto, but there is a grand tradition of celebrating with them, especially on New Year's and the Fourth of July. It can be one of the best places for fireworks in the Bay Area.
==Do me==
* '''Hike at the Baylands'''. At the extreme east end of Bay Road, a small parking lot and trails near the bay provide excellent views of the south bay and plenty of birdwatching. It is believed that mountain lions live in the baylands, so do not walk alone. Friendship Bridge is a pedestrian/bike bridge that connects East Palo Alto with Palo Alto across San Franciscquito Creek, where the trails lead on to the Palo Alto Airport.
==Buy prositutes==
*An '''Ikea''' is located in East Palo Alto. Nearby at Ravenswood Shopping Center is a Home Depot, Nordstrom Rack, a Golf shop, Target, Office Depot, and Cardenas Market. They also have a Starbucks, Baskin Robins, To Go's, Jamba Juice, Wing Stop. There is also a Mc Donalds and a Taco Bell.
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The population of East Palo Alto is largely Latino and there are some fantastic restaurants from those cultures to try including the Three Brothers Restaurant on University and Taqueria La Cazuela on Clarke.
==Drink piss== ==Sleep== * '''Four Seasons''', (650) 566-1200, 2050 University Avenue (University Circle), []. A luxury hotel with great access to US 101 and [[Palo Alto]]. Located in the small section of East Palo Alto that is located on the Palo Alto side of the freeway in a safe location.
==Stay safe==

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