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The majority of the population in Bahrain are expatriates (they make up 51% of the population). A minority of expats work in the financial sector however the majority are engaged as laborers, policemen, drivers and lower class lowly paid artisans. Conditions for many of these people are poor and there are regular allegations of human rights abuses and 'Modern Day Slavery'.
There are two types of expats in Bahrain- those who work extremely low paying jobs dependent on their employer who holds their visa and the middle/upper middle class expats who are employed in finance, foreign military, oil/gas industries. Low paying jobs are often held by Indian, Pakistani and Filipino workers who are essentially trafficked into the country. In former times it was the tradition that employers provided benefits to expat employees including;
# An additional salary of a minimum of 15 days for every year worked (there are slabs according to the number of years worked)
However, this is widely no longer true with 'Lump sum' self sufficiency 'local hire'contracts now becoming the norm.
At present, there is a 1% charge on salary (gosi tax) which goes to subsidize the unemployed, but a lot of employers are giving their employees an additional bonus by paying it themselves instead of deducting it from the salary.
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