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*North zone - Wat Phra Phai Luang contains the remains of a number of buildings plus a large prang with stucco reliefs. More impressive is Wat Sri Chum, which contains a massive seated Buddha figure peering through an opening in its enclosure. Look for a stairway on the left as you enter the enclosure; it leads up and behind the Buddha image, though the passage is not always open.
*'''Ramkhamhaeng National Park''' [ Ramkhamhaeng National Park] - lies in Ban Dan Lan Hoi, Khiri Mat and Mueang Sukhothai districts of Sukhothai Province, the north of Thailand. The majority of the park's land is within the contours of the Khao Luang Mountain Range. This mountain range describes a north-south axis. Khao Luang is like a giant hill in the middle of a rice field, for it is surrounded by low farmland. The notable topography of this park are the four main peaks of the Khao Luang Range: Khao Phu Kha, Khao Phra Mae Ya, Khao Chedi, and Khao Pha Narai. The waters of the mountain range are essential to the agricultural lands below. These waters, Khlong Ta Chek, Khlong Sao Ho, Khlong Wang Ngen, Khlong Noen Khli, Khlong Duang Ngam, Khlong Lan Thong, Khlong Masang, and Khong Phetchahueng are also tributaries of the Yom River to the east and the Ping River in the west.
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