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By bus
No public transport exists from Victoria Falls directly to Botswana - a taxi to the border will cost around 40$, or some hotels in Vic Falls can arrange transfers.
FROM JOHANNESBURG: Intercape operates a line direct from Johannesburg (Park Station) to Harare that stops in Masvingo (also stops in Pretoria on the way and can be caught there as well). Bus tickets can be purchased online or at the respective station. Entering from SA you will pass through the Beitbridge border crossing, which is reputed to be the busiest and most congested border crossing in all of Southern Africa. Buy all food and drink needed at the last rest stop the bus makes before the border and try to use the bathroom on the bus before exiting the bus at the border. Upon arrival on the SA side everyone will be asked to get off, you may or may not need to also bring all of your bags. Check and remember your bus number. Try to stay with the bus group through the process to not get lost; the bus may leave without you. You will wait in line standing either outside or inside or both for anywhere from 1 to 4+ hours depending on any number of factors, or no factors at all. It may be very cold outside. Once through processing on the SA side you will reboard the bus (showing an immigration official at the bus door your stamped passport) and drive over the Limpopo River to the Zimbabwe side. Everyone will get off the bus again, wait in line, get processed, and reboard the bus afterwards. This part may also take hours, but generally will be shorter and easier than on the SA side. See (— VISAS/PASSPORT PAGES —) For U.S. Citizens: the state department website indicates that customs on the SA side will not let you pass over into Zimbabwe without 6 blank passport pages, the stated logic being that SA requires 2 pages for exit, 2 pages for re-entry, and Zimbabwe requires 2 for both. Take the following as you will: as of passing through in August 2019, SA left one circular exit stamp on the outward trip and one circular entry stamp on the return trip, both placed on pages that already had other stamps. The Visa section above for Zimbabwe was $30USD to be paid in cash ONLY; exact change required. Be advised that you should pay with a 20 and 10 dollar bill as 5 dollar bills may not be accepted, reason unknown. Also be advised that the 20 and 10 dollar bills should be the new most recent issue bills, as the older issue may or may not be accepted, depending on the passport official you get and any number of unknown factors. If you do not have this $30 USD you will be refused entry, will be unable to reboard the bus and will be stranded in limbo. There may be money changers with USD but do not count on it by any means. The Visa is completed manually at the passport window by the official and stuck to your passport as a sticker. It will take one full page. There will then be placed an entry stamp on the same page and upon returning back through to Johannesburg you will get an exit stamp from the Zimbabwe authorities also on the same page as the visa details concerning , though this crossingmay or may not occur, and may be placed on a separate page. Therefore, it may be possible to do a round trip from Johannesburg and back with only 2 passport pages used, though the number of available free passport pages to allow exit and entry on this route remain unconfirmed in practice (the writer of this information for example had the 6 free pages leaving Johannesburg).
===By train===

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