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Unfortunately racism is still present in Italy; the country only started having a significant non-white presence in the last 20 years and, while racially-motivated violence is rare (it does make the news a few times a year), it is generally perpetrated at the expense of immigrants. Some Italians may assume a person with prominent 'foreign' features to be an immigrant and, regrettably, treat them with some measure of contempt or condescension. This especially happens towards persons who may look like gypsies or Maghreb Arabs. Tourists can generally expect not to be insulted to their face but, unfortunately, casual racism and bigotry is not absent from conversation (especially bar talk and especially if matches featuring non-white players are on TV).
On the other hand, antisemitism is mostly absent in Italian society (a few prominent Italians have Jewish ancestry) and Italy itself never really had a history of it (- save for part of the Fascist era).  Acceptance of LGBT people has increased dramatically over the past 20 years and each year even the small cities will boast a pride during the pride month, by and large supported by the local governments and the wider society. Many resort areas will have at least one LGBT-themed beach or club. However, anti-LGBT discrimination does still occasionally occur in the country, especially in peripherical areas. This tends to occur in the form of verbal offence, although physical violence is not unheard of, particularly from the side of football fanatics especially when alcohol has been flowing. Also for this reason, unlike what one could experience in Spain or the Netherlands, the gay community keeps erring on the side of discretion and public display of same-sex affection remains relatively uncommon away from major city centers.
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