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For intrepid travellers and backpackers looking for alternatives to transit from Central to South America. There is a small fleet of privately owned sailboats which comply with international safety and licensing requirements. Providing island hopping sailing adventures from Panama to Cartagena, Colombia via the San Blas Islands. The trips range in price from US $550 inclusive for 5 nights. 3 days of which are spent enjoying and exploring the San Blas Islands. One of the most popular sailboats for this trip is the Ave Maria. A comfortable, safe, classic sailboat with a relaxed and friendly crew.
If you enter from [[Brazil]], there are weekly boats from [[Manaus]] to [[Tabatinga]]/[[Leticia]] through the Amazon River. It takes around six days to go from Manaus and just three days to come back (the reason of the difference is the current of the river). There are also weekly motorboats which are more expensive, but cover the route in less than two days.
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