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Ichon-Qala (Itchan Kala)
===Ichon-Qala (Itchan Kala)===
The old town Ichon-Qala (Itchan Kala) covers an area of about 26 hectares. It is rectangular in plan.The tourist office inside the West Gate will most likely ask you to buy a 2-day ticket that covers entry for all of the museums and buildings inside the city (excluding the Islom-Khoja minaret and a few madrassas) for about 100,000 sums (as of July 20182019). If you don't plan to enter any of the buildings (where tickets are checked) and just want to walk inside the old town and eat there, you can avoid paying the ticket by entering through a different gate.
Itchan Kala was the site of the khan's palace. High officials and clergy and rich merchants used to live here. This is why we find the most important buildings in the Itchan Kala. The ordinary people, small merchants, craftsmen and peasants lived in Dishan Kala. There were wells in Itchan Kala, whereas people had to draw drinking water from the irrigation channels in Dishan Kala. In the north western part of Itchan Kala is the well, where according to the legend the city was founded by Sem.

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