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Puerto Galera

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Get around
==Get around==
At the harbor you will find lots of people trying to get you to ride with their tricycle. For a 5 minute tripIn 2019, they will try to make you pay 200phpat Balatero port, but the real price is 15/20php (one person/two person) ''(8th March, 2011)'' so insist on paying that. In 2019, lowest barter with the trike mafia's lowest rate was {{PHP|50 php }} per person. You may be able to get {{PHP|25}} if you walk 3 minutes to the main road. This is the official rate from the mayor's office. You may have to share the ride with 3-4 people. There is no public bus to White Beach. The local government must be getting a cut from the tricycle drivers and do not crack down on their swindling. You can also find them everywhere in town and get a ride to White Beach, Sabang etc. At night when it gets dark, the prices changes to higher rates (for example, instead of 20php you pay 50php). In Sabang there are 3 motorcycle rental providers. For 500php you can rent a scooter for the whole day. You have to mind the local traffic rules, of course.
To get to Sabang there is a regular jeepney service that cost ₱20 per person as of August 2016. Supposedly it runs every 20 minutes throughout the day and into the early evening hours.
To get to Calapan, take a tricycle (25php per person) to Bayan Jeepney Terminal near the Puerto Galera wet market. 80php to the Calapan City Center and 100php to the Calapan Pier. AC minivans also travel this route and the price is the same as the jeepney. 60-90 minutes. If all the ferries are fully booked at Balatero port, this is the next option to get a ferry to Batangas.
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