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* '''Lao Cai (V) - Hekou (C)'''
The There is an eight-hour train trip from Hanoi to Lao Cai in a soft sleeper costs about 420,000 VND (as of 11/2011). From there, it's a long walk (or a five minute ride) to the Lao Cai-Hekou border. Crossing the border is simple, fill out a customs card and wait in line. They will search your belongings (in particular your books/written material). Outside the Hekou border crossing is a variety of shops, and the bus terminal is about a ten-minute ride from the border. A ticket for the seven-hour Hekou to Kunming ride costs about ¥140.
* '''Mong Cai (V) - Dongxing (C)'''
At Dongxing, there is a bus to Nanning, a sleeper bus to Guangzhou (approximately ¥180), and a sleeper bus to Shenzhen (approximately ¥230, 12 hours) (March 2006).
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