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As a rule, '''tipping''' is never necessary in Finland and restaurant bills already include service charges. That said, taxi fares and other bills paid by cash are are occasionally rounded up to the next convenient number. Cloakrooms (''narikka''; actually a misspelling used by younger Finnish people in as much the original word is "narinkka" = na rynke = on the market in Russian, stemming from the Russian time of Finland into the very peculiar "stadin slangi" = Helsinki slang) in nightclubs and better restaurants often have ''non-negotiable'' fees (usually clearly signposted, €3 is standard), and — in the few hotels that employ them — hotel porters will expect around the same per bag.
By law, cigarettes or any products related to them are not allowed to be visible to customers in stores. Those are widely available, but you should contact the staff to be able to buy smoking products. The personnel is not allowed to introduce or even show cigarettes - the customer has to know which product he or she wants or to consult a simple list of available products. The price of a cigarette pack may consist of 70% tax.
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