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By bicycle
The city is predominantly flat, aside from a general climb away from Lake Ontario and the deeply indented, forested Don Valley and Humber River Valley, and post-and-ring locking posts are present throughout the city. There are many bike-only lanes on major roads and threading through various neighbourhoods and parks. The city publishes a cycling map, available on the city website [].
Bike Share Toronto [] provides a public bike system with 1upwards of 3,000 bikes available at 80 360 stations throughout downtownmuch of the central city. The service is continually expanding and the service area is growing year to year. Subscriptions start at $7 for 24 hours and allow you to use a bike for 30 minutes or lessat one time, as much many times as you like (usage fees apply for trips longer than 30 minutesbut can be avoided by simply docking and unlocking or switching to a different bike before the 30 minutes expires). Bike Share Toronto operates 24 hours a day, all year long (but see the warning below about winter biking). Several businesses also offer rentals [].
It is a provincial law that cyclists under 18 must wear a helmet, and all riders must have a bike with reflectors and a bell. This tends to only be enforced when the police go on their annual "cycling blitz".
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