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=== Alcohol ===
Drinking alcohol in Thailand, especially if you like Western tipples, is actually comparatively expensive - but still very affordable by Western standardsmany nightclubs and up-market venues in Bangkok are now charging as much as 300 baht ($9.40) for a 330ml bottle of Thai lager.
Note that retail sales of alcohol in supermarkets, convenience stores etc are banned between '''midnight and 11:00''' and, more bizarrely, '''14:00-17:00'''. Restaurants and bars are not affected, and smaller, non-chain stores are often willing to ignore the rules. However in certain circumstances these rules are relaxed for alcohol purchases above a particular quantity. For example if you purchase 5 liters of wine during the restricted period, then the purchase will not be allowed, however if you were to purchase say 10 liters of wine in the same period then this would be permitted.

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