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'''Credit cards''' are widely accepted in the tourist industry, at larger tourist-oriented restaurants, shopping malls and grocery stores, and shops catering to tourists, but most local stores do not accept them. Fraud can happen, so use them sparingly and tell your bank in advance, so your card doesn't get locked down because ''you'' are using it. Some businesses add a surcharge (usually 2-3%) if you're paying by credit card; in this case, it can turn out cheaper to pay them in cash.
Another problem with credit cards here (at April 2014) is that no one appears to use the PIN option - it is always your signature. This makes it possible for your card to be hacked easier. As a result, only pay with cards as a very last resort, although Thais are incredibly decent and honest, you can't tell by looking, and one individual skimming your card details and maxing it out would almost certainly ruin your holiday. If you find that you don't have enough cash to settle your bill, it's always better to go to the ATM and get the cash rather than using your card, don't be offended if an employee wants to go with you or asks for your phone or watch as collateral.
=== Costs ===

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