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Thais are normally very tolerant of tourists, who are unlikely to encounter aggressive racial abuse regardless of skin colour. However, some visitors may notice their ethnicity attracting some innocent attention. Usually, these situations are limited to stares or unwanted attention in shops. Thais are often curious to find out the nationality of the travellers they meet. Apart from this curiosity, most travellers find it easy to strike up a rapport with Thais.
For some reason, most Thai people look down on anyone with darker skin. This has roots in their belief that people of darker skin have spent more time working menial labour in the rice-paddies, particularly in the North-East of the country, and are therefore inferior in some way to the lighter-skinned Chinese descended elite in Bangkok. Africans in particular may find that they are refused entry to a bar or nightclub, especially if in a group. Your immediate reaction may be to get angry, but remember, this is not the USA, casual racism does exist and nothing that you say or do will improve the situation so quietly go somewhere else without causing a scene.

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