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Thailand has more than its fair share of [[scams]], but most are easily avoided with some common sense. Just remember, if something seems to good to be true, then it almost certainly is. A genuine tuk-tuk driver will not drive all day for 20 baht! And real precious gems are never sold for a fraction of their real value!The first question a scammer will ask is "is this your first time in Thailand?". Even if true, never answer that this is your first trip, or you will be marked for several scams.
More a nuisance than a danger, a common scam by touts, taxi drivers and tuk-tuk drivers in Thailand is to wait by important monuments and temples and waylay Western travellers, telling them that the site is closed for a "Buddhist holiday", "repairs" or a similar reason. The 'helpful' driver will then offer to take the traveller to another site, such as a market or store. Travellers who accept these offers will often end up at out-of-the-way markets with outrageous prices - and no way to get back to the centre of town where they came from. Always check at the front gate of the site you're visiting to make sure it's ''really'' closed.
If you are a smoker, don't walk down the street smoking. Particularly in some areas of Sukhumvit, you may be accosted by a policeman asking for 2000 baht if he sees you dropping your cigarette butt in public. It's debatable as to whether or not this is a scam, but something to be aware of nonetheless. With Thailand increasingly moving towards banning smoking in public places, you are better off having your cigarette in a bar or restaurant, anywhere that provides an ashtray to ensure that you are not caught out.
Powerful drugs such as benzodiazepines and deleriants can be bought in some less-scrupulous pharmacies in Thailand. This means that it is very easy for someone to drop something into your drink without looking, and this is happening every day in Thailand. If you open your wallet at the bar to reveal a thick wad of thousand baht notes, somebody '''will''' have noticed - be careful drinking with strangers and don't leave your drink unattended, go to the toilet between drinks if possible.
===Robbery on buses===

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