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==Stay safe==
The number one cause of death for visitors to Thailand is '''motorbike accidents''', especially on the often narrow, mountainous and twisty roads of [[Phuket]] and [[Samui]]. Drive defensively, wear a helmet, don't drink and avoid travel at night. If you don't have experience of riding motorcycles, don't rent a motorbike in Thailand, unless you want to risk ending up as another statistic. Riding a motorcycle through Bangkok traffic can be '''very''' dangerous indeed, Thai motorists can be very unpredictable at best, and downright dangerous at other times.
Thailand has the second most deadly roads in the world. The dangers of driving in Thailand cannot be overstated. Factor in Westerners without a motorcycle license assuming they can ride properly, cheap buckets of strong booze, and the false-assumption of an "anything goes" type society means that many young travellers never make it home. Especially on the islands, you will encounter very poorly maintained roads, with horrendous potholes, and steep drops if you veer off the road. And drink (or drug) driving, although illegal, are very common indeed, and does not have the stigma associated with drink-driving in the west.
===Political unrest===
However, it would be better if you used your common sense to get away from trouble and took the usual precautions. 191 is the emergency number in Thailand which can help you if you find yourself in danger.
If someone is trying to provoke you into starting a fight, '''always''' walk away. Or you could find yourself staying in Thailand for much longer than you anticipated.
==Medical Tourism==

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