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==Stay safe==
Homosexuality is legal. Gay marriage has been legal in Australia nationwide since 2018, following a national plebiscite (conscience vote) on the issue, which demonstrated that the majority of Australians are in favour of gay marriage. Many famous public figures in Queensland, Western Sydney, South Australia are openly homosexual, including retired High Court judge, Michael KirbyWestern Australia, and politicians such North Territory sees homosexuality as Senator Penny Wonga sin and frowns upon itViolence towards LGBT individuals occurs and couples will generally be safe and accepted by locals when visiting Australiapolice may turn a blind eye to it. The cautions that Also discrimination against LGBT people should take are no greater than the is common sense precautions applicable to the UK and the USA. It should be noted that capital cities laws against it are likely to be far more tolerant and accepting than smaller towns and remote communitiesnever enforced. When visiting smaller towns and communities, LGBT individuals may run into problems if disclosing their sexuality or acting or dressing in South Australia still has a way that does not conform gay panic defense intended to traditional gender normslower or eliminate punishment for anti-LGBT attacks. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon, regardless of the couple’s sexuality. As a variety of religions are practised LGBT in Australia and the country has a largeQueensland, ethnically diverse immigrant populationNorthern Territory, individual beliefs about LGBT people and topics like gay marriage will vary considerablyWestern Australia, even in the same cities and statesSouth Australia should keep their sexuality private.
The number '''000''' (called 'triple zero' or 'triple oh') can be dialled from any telephone in Australia free of charge. This number will connect you with emergency operators for the police, fire brigade, and ambulance service. The first question that the operator will ask is which service you need.

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