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'''Oakland''' is a city in the East Bay of the [[Bay_Area_(California)]] of [[San Francisco]].
[[File:Tribune Tower Oakland.jpg|thumb|right|Tribune Tower Oakland]]
[[File:Pergola at lake merritt.jpg|thumb|The pergola at Lake Merritt]]
[[File:Oakland skyline at lake merritt.jpg|thumb|Oakland Skyline from Lake Merritt]]
[[File:Lake Merrit.jpg|thumb|Lake Merritt viewed from the amphitheater]]
[[File:Mountain View Cemetery.jpg|thumb|View from Mountain View Cemetery]]
[[File:Grand Lake Theater.jpg|thumb|right|Grand Lake Theater]]
===Downtown Oakland===
Downtown Oakland offers many interesting sights to visit. There are elegant high-rise buildings, but also beautiful traditional architecture in Old Oakland. There exists a fascinating old urban Chinatown in downtown Oakland.
*Alameda County Courthouse
[[File:Tribune Tower Oakland.jpg|thumb|left|Tribune Tower Oakland]]
===Old Town/ Chinatown===
Truly a pride of the city and a great loop walk. Wonderful views of the hills to the east and a great place to spend part of an afternoon.
===Jack London Square===
[[File:Pergola While somewhat disconnected from downtown by the freeway, busses, and bike share and rideshare or walking can easily get you to Jack London; the waterfront district abutting the harbor. See the cranes at lake merrittthe port and access the Amtrak station as well as ferry port connection to San Francisco.jpg|thumb|The pergola at Lake Merritt]]Farmers Market, shops, restaurants and waterfront activities await. Across the narrow channel is the city of Alameda. ===Rockridge=== [[File:Oakland skyline at lake merrittQuaint and leafy upscale neighborhood adjacent to a BART stop. Follow College Ave south to Broadway and north toward Berkeley to see various stores, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Worth a stroll and visit to Rockridge Market Hall.jpg|thumb|Oakland Skyline  ===Temescal=== Trendy Temescal located just off of MacArthur BART along Telegraph from Lake Merritt]]40th Street northward to Claremont contains breweries (Temescal and Rose's taproom), trendy stores and restaurants and the super-trendy Temescal Alley shopping enclave tucked off of 49th St.[[File:Lake MerritAlso see 40th and MLK for Arthur Mac's Tap and Snack for great outdoor seating with pizza and beer.jpg|thumb|Lake Merritt viewed from Good spot for families with small kids in tow. ===Piedmont Ave=== More 'family oriented' neighborhood due to slightly older demographic. Features Piedmont Theater, shops, cute stores, Timeless Coffee, Blue Bottle, and some great restaurants.Don't miss Mountain View Cemetery and the Chapel of the Chimes at the north end of Piedmont Ave. Featuring amazing westward and bay views, it was the place to be burried back in the amphitheater]]day. Recognize famous names on fanciful tombstones in this park-like cemetery.
A lively 100 year old neighborhood bordering the north of Lake Merritt that features the historic Grand Lake Theater and Morcom Rose Garden.
*Grand Lake Theater. Watch a discounted matinee at the 92 year old palace movie theater.
[[File:Grand Lake Theater.jpg|thumb|left|Grand Lake Theater]]
Oaklandish - local pride clothing and urban lifestyle brand that relishes in the hometown pride of Oakland! Storefront downtown and in the Dimond district.
Beer - many local breweries are available in Oakland
Coffee - many local roasters are HQ'd in Oakland (Blue Bottle, Red Bay, Bicycle, etc)
Oakland Spice Shop - wonderful selection of international spices and incredible variety. Located near the lake on Grand Ave.
'''Local neighborhoods and local stores:'''
Rockridge, Piedmont Avenue, Temescal and Temescal Alley, 40th between Webster and Broadway, Lakeshore, Grandlake, and the Dimond District all feature cute and one-off stores.
*Pegasus Books - Rockridge
*Walden Pond Books - Grandlake off of Grand Ave near Elwood. Wonderful selection of new and used books.
the Uptown District features many local artisans and art galleries
Farmers Markets often feature local artisans as does the monthly Art Murmur street fair
There isn't that are not very many budget options in the Bay Area in general. It is best advised that if you are looking for a good deal, you can explore Airbnb. However AirBnB is actually banned on stay durations shorter than 30 days (as of April, 2019) per city regulations. This is a rental platform that allows home owners to rent their furnished rooms out to guest for a day, week, or month. Be sure to look at the reviews prior to booking. Ranges can be from $50 or more. Be aware of regulations pertaining to AirBnB and be aware that your reservation may be subject to cancellation if the host is reported to the city. There are some budget hotels near MacArthur and Telegraph near MacArthur BART.
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