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If you have a multi-destination itinerary, try to pack as light as you can - as mentioned everything can be bought in Thailand anyway, and an excruciatingly heavy bag can really be a downer. You could quite easily travel to Thailand with not much more than your wallet and passport and be just fine. Ignore advice to carry mosquito nets, first aid supplies, mirrors, hair dryer, umbrella, motorbike helmet etc - in the very unlikely event that you need these things they can be bought incredibly cheaply.
Take enough padlocks for every double zipper to stop wandering hands and lock up your belongings, even in your hotel room. Lock zippers through the lower holes, ''not'' the upper ones on the pull tabs — although even this precaution won't help much if you encounter a razor-blade artist.
Take snorkeling gear or buy it on arrival if you plan to spend a lot of your time in the water. Alternatively put up a notice looking for gear from someone who is leaving. A tent for camping if you are a national park buff is a good idea, as is a compass. You might like to bring compact binoculars too if wildlife is your thing. A good map of Thailand is also handy.
Take earplugs for when you're stuck in a noisy room or want to sleep on the bus. Take a mirror for shaving, as often budget places won’t have any. String is very handy for hanging up washing. Cigarette papers can be difficult to find, except in tourist centres. Climbing shoes for rock climbing are useful as Thailand has some of the best cliffs in South-East Asia.

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