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If you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself typing in Thai (or any other alien script) you've probably accidentally hit whatever key-combination the computer you're using has been configured to use for switching between languages (often Cmd+Spacebar (Mac), Alt+Shift (Chromebook), Backtick (Windows)). To change back, use the "Text Services and Input Languages" option (a quick-access menu is usually available via a "TH" icon visible on the taskbar - simply switch it to "EN").
Both pornography and criticism of the Thai Royal Family are illegal and The Thai government actively censors access websites with this content, both inside and outside Thailand. Though enforcement is not consistent, a blindeye is usually turned to pornography, but this will NOT be the case with insulting the royal family. Most Thais hold the royals in an almost god-like reverence, it is very unwise to say anything bad about them.
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