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Internet cafés are widespread and most are inexpensive. Prices as low as 15 baht/hour are commonplace, and speed of connection is generally reasonable but many cafes close at midnight. If you plan to go online for a short time you should first ask if there is a minimum charge. Higher prices prevail in major package-tourist destinations (60 baht/hour is typical, 120 baht/hour is not unusual). Islands with multiple Internet cafés include [[Ko Phi Phi|Ko Phi Phi (Don)]], [[Ko Lanta|Ko Lanta (Yai)]], [[Ko Samui]], [[Ko Pha Ngan]], [[Ko Tao]], [[Ko Chang|Ko Chang (Trat)]], [[Ko Samet|Ko Samet (Rayong)]], [[Ko Si Chang|Ko Si Chang (Chonburi)]], and of course [[Phuket]].
Nowadays, most people travel with a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, and with many hotels and restaurants offering free WiFi, this has forced many internet cafes across the country to close as they are no longer required. Internet gaming shops are still popular, mostly with schoolboys, and there are many photo print shops if you need documents printed from a USB drive or whatnot.
Outside the most competitive tourist areas, free Wi-Fi Internet is not as common as neighbouring countries in many budget hotels and guest houses ("mansions") and they usually charge small fee for Internet by LAN or Wi-Fi even if you bring your own laptop. While Wi-Fi is commonly available in certain cafes and restaurants, it's frequently provided by carriers who charge fees for using them, and it usually requires a telecom account to finish the registration process.

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