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* Credit card plus a backup card for a separate account
ATM - how to avoid paying the 200 220 Thai baht (more than 5 usd) every thai Thai bank is charging foreigners for getting money from the ATM: locate an ICBC ATM (Chinese Bank) They charge nothing(April 2019 now they are charging). Otherwise you will pay the Thai bank fee plus on top the fee for your own bank at home. This can get really expensive if you do not withdraw huge amounts every time.Update as of April 2019 - assuming you use a UK ATM card to withdraw 20,000 baht from a Thai ATM, the Thai banks 220 baht fee, plus your banks foreign transaction fee combined with a miserable exchange rate can mean that you lose £19-23 everytime you use the ATM. Longer-term visitors may be willing to open a Thai bank account to avoid these fees or use a preloaded currency card which will be more economical. 

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