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There's a pharmacy on every block in Thailand and most are happy to sell you anything you want without a prescription. However, ''this is technically illegal'', and police have been known to occasionally bust tourists for possessing medicines without a prescription — even innocuous stuff like asthma meds.
If you have medication that you rely on - take enough with you for your trip. Not all Western medicines are freely available in Thailand. Thailand frowns heavily on painkiller use, and even many people with long term illnesses can be denied them. Check with your embassy if you have any strong medications such as anti-anxiety, painkillers or narcotic/sleeping pills, if you attempt to import such medications you could end up in prison before your holiday has even begun.
Some popular touristy destinations, such as smaller towns/villages and smaller islands will sometimes have very poor medical facilities by Western standards. On the other hand, places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket have excellent facilities, so avoid the more rural destinations if you have potentially life-threatening medical issues or allergies - if you had a heart attack in London or New York you could be in a hospital in as little as 10 minutes. If the same happened on a tiny remote island it could be hours before you can get to a hospital.
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