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Thailand has '''extremely strict drug laws''' and your foreign passport is not enough to get you out of legal hot water. Possession and trafficking offenses that would merit traffic-ticket misdemeanors in other countries can result in '''life imprisonment''' or even '''death''' in Thailand. Police frequently raid nightclubs, particularly in [[Bangkok]], with full body searches on all patrons. [[Ko Pha Ngan]]'s notoriously drug-fueled Full Moon Parties also often draw police attention.
Possession of cannabis (กัญชา ''ganchaa''), while illegal, is treated less harshly and, if busted, you ''may'' be able to pay an "on the spot fine" to get out, although even this can set you back tens of thousands of bahtor even more. It's highly unwise to rely on this.While some police will accept payments on the spot for violating drug laws, others will strictly follow the harsh drug laws to the letter. Discrete use of small amounts of softer drugs traditionally has been tolerated more on the islands than the mainland, however open and blatant use of drugs such as slurred speech, heavily dilated pupils, or smelling strongly of weed, WILL draw attention fast, so don't do it. Bear in mind you can get upto 5 years for possession of one joint, and Thai prisons are some of the grimmest on the planet - many people die during their custody.
Penalties for drug possession in Thailand vary in harshness depending on the following: category of drug, amount of drug, and intent of the possessor. If you do take the risk and get arrested on drug-related charges, you would do well to immediately contact your embassy as a first step. The embassy usually cannot get you out of jail but can alert your home country of your arrest and can often put you in contact with a lawyer in Thailand. The availability of drugs in Thailand can mislead tourists into making light of the penalties for possessing or selling drugs, but that is unwise.

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