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'''Castile-and Leon''' (Spanish: ''Castilla y León'') is an autonomous region of [[Spain]]. It is composed of two regions, León (provinces of León, Zamora and Salamanca) and Castile (provincies of Avila, Burgos, Palencia, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid).
*[[Avila (province)|Ávila]]*[[Burgos (province)|Burgos]]*[[Leon (province)|León]]*[[Palencia (province)|Palencia]]*[[Salamanca (province)|Salamanca]]*[[Segovia (province)|Santa Lucía]]*[[Segovia]]*[[Soria (province)|Soria]]*[[Valladolid (province)|Valladolid]]*[[Zamora (provinceSpain)|Zamora]]
==CitiesOther destinations==
*[[Burgos (city)|Burgos]]La Alberca is worth a visit. It is historical town with a current population of about 1000. Only residents are allowed to have vehicles in the historical centre. In the off season, it can be a quiet, sleepy location. Besides being very beautiful, the town is known for the production of ham and other pork products.*[[Leon (city)Image:La_Alberca_Castile-Leon_Spain.JPG|León]]*[[Salamanca (city)thumb|Salamanca]]*[[Segovia (city)200px|Segovia]]*[[Valladolid (Plaza Mayor La Alberca Spain)|Valladolid]] (the capital of Castilla y León)
 Castilla y León is an autonomous community of Spain, the country's largest — in fact, it is the largest subnational political division in the [[European Union]]. It is formed by the union of two ancient kingdoms: Old Castile (Ávila, Burgos, Segovia and Soria) and the Kingdom of León(León, Zamora, Salamanca, Palencia and Valladolid), which were separated and reunited several times in the Middle Ages.
Spanish is the main language, everybody in Castile-Leon speak Spanish, but in the provinces of León, Zamora and some parts of Salamanca the Leonese langauge, "llïonés", is also spoken by a little minority, along with Galician. In [[Trevino|Treviño]] (Burgos province) Basque is still preserved.
Spanish is the main language. Everyone in Castile-Leon speaks Spanish, but in the provinces of León, Zamora and Salamanca, Leonese is also spoken by a small minority. ==Get in== ==Get around== ==See== ===Itineraries=== ==Do== ==Eat== ==Drink== ==Stay safe== ==External linksGet out==*{{outline}}{{regionguide}}{{isPartOf|Central Spain}} [[httpde://www.jcyl.Kastilien-León]][[es/jcyl-client/jcyl/tkMain?actionCode=setLocale&dvRegLocale=en_UK Junta de :Castilla y León]]*[http[fr:// Castilla y Castille et Léon]][[it:Castiglia e Leon]][[nl:Castillië en Léon]][[pt:Castela e León Tourist Board]][[ru:Кастилия и Леон]]
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