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By plane
Thailand is a large country, and if sitting in a bus for 11 hours is not your idea of a fun time, you may well want to consider domestic flights. Never terribly expensive to begin with (at least by Western standards), the deregulation of the industry has brought in a crop of new operators: with a little research, it's possible to fly pretty much anywhere in the country for less than 2,000 baht. Various taxes and (often hefty) surcharges are invariably added to the "advertised" prices.
For the benefit of passengers arriving on international flights who intend to fly to another destination using a budget airline, there is a [httphttps://suvarnabhumiairportbangkokairport.comnet/en/122bangkok-transferairport-transfers/bus-between-suvarnabhumi-don-mueang / free shuttle bus] which connects Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport with the budget terminal at Don Mueang Airport. The bus departs from the 2nd Floor, Gate 3 and runs hourly in both directions starting at 05.00 with the last bus departing from both terminals at midnight. As you exit Gate 3, turn right. The bus has an orange colour scheme and is the only one which stops at that location so you won't have any trouble finding it.
From Don Mueang Airport, the bus departs from the 1st floor. You have to be a little careful here and make sure you get on the correct bus which will have a sign on the dashboard saying "Suvarnabhumi Airport" on it. The shuttle bus doesn't have a conductor, so if you get on another bus with the same colour scheme, but there's a conductor on it issuing tickets, you're on the wrong bus!
[ '''Thai Smile'''] is Thai Airway's answer to the threat to its business posed by the various budget airlines which have mushroomed in Thailand - a premium budget airline, if that is not an oxymoron. Although fares can hardly be considered to be 'budget orientated', they are a little bit cheaper than the parent company and worth considering since they fly from the main international terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport. In September 2014 Thai Smile moved a number of its flights to Don Mueang Airport.
[ '''Jet Asia Airways'''] is a Thai airline based out of Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The fleet is composed exclusively of Boeing 767 aircraft focusing on the Asian charter market.  
===By train ===
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