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Colombia has over 1, 100 cities, towns, and villages. The following is a list of just twenty two of the most notable, the top 10 are marked with a star. Other cities can be found in their corresponding regions or departments.* '''''[[Bogotá]]''''' — the capital, a cosmopolitan city two miles high, with some twelve million people sprawling outwards from Andean mountains, where you'll find excellent museums, world-class dining, and most everything one wants from a big city.
* '''[[Armenia, Colombia|Armenia]]''' – Best known for its hiking activities, [[Salento]] town, and ''Cocora Valley'', located in the Coffe Region.
* '''[[Cali]]''' — Colombia's third largest city, renowned as the salsa capital of [[Latin America]].
* '''''[[Cartagena (Colombia)|Cartagena]]''''' — the Heroic City, Capital of the Bolívar department is Colombia's tourist city par excellence. The colonial architecture and the skyscrapers can be seen together in this city that offers a unique experience of festivals, historic attractions, restaurants, and hotels.
* '''[[Barranquilla]]''' — the Gold Port and fourth largest city in the nation isn't necessarily that exciting most of the year, but its Carnival is the second biggest in the world after [[Rio de Janeiro|Rio's]], and is both an amazing cultural experience and one heck of a party! The city is also the hometown of Colombian superstar Shakira, Miss Universe Paulina Vega and Hollywood Actress Sofia Vergara.
* '''[[Bucaramanga]]''' – The City is best known for his quantity of Parks.
[[Image:Palacio de la Cultura and Coltejer Building.jpg|thumb|right|220px|Palacio de la Cultura & Coltejer Building in Medellín]]
* '''[[Leticia]]''' – Located near [[Brasil]] borders, it is the largest city in the Amazonean Region, located inside the Jungle.
* '''[[Manizales]]''' — the center of the [[Zona Cafetera]] offers the opportunity to visit Los Nevados National Park and to live the coffee plantation experience.
* '''''[[Medellín]]''''' — the City of Eternal Spring and capital of the Antioquia department is famous for having a large textile industry, which produces top quality clothing that is sent all over the world. It's also the birthplace of master painter Fernando Botero, therefore it houses the great majority of his works.
* '''[[Montería]]''' – the Colombian Venice, and the Launcher capital, an ecological and modern city located at the North of the Country, featuring the ''Ronda del Sinú'' the largest park in Latin America.
* '''[[Neiva]]''' – The city is near [[Villavieja]], home of the Tatacoa Desert.
* '''[[Pasto]]''' – is one of the oldest cities of Colombia, located in the Atriz Valley with an important andean Culture, located near [[Ecuador]] Borders
* '''[[Pereira]]''' — the lovely City, capital of the Risaralda department and major city of the coffee region, important and modern city, commercial and touristic. The famous "naked Bolívar" and Matecaña Zoo. Very near to Santa Rosa hot water springs and the National Park of "Los Nevados".
* '''[[Popayán]]''' — this beautiful, white-washed city is Colombia's religious center. Home to the second largest Easter festival in the world (after Seville, Spain), this town has contributed more Colombian presidents than any other. Bordered by the ''Puracé National Park'' and gateway to the archeological sites of ''San Agustín'' and ''Tierra Dentro'' in nearby Huilla.
* '''[[San Andrés]]''' – an important Island located in the Insular Region, his sea is known for being the ''"The sea of the seven colors"''
* '''[[Santa Marta]]''' — a popular base for adventure tourism in the beautiful areas surrounding, and unique in the sense that it offers you beautiful beaches one day, and the next one a walk to the foothill of a snowy mountain, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest in the country.
* '''[[Sincelejo]]''' – an important hub of touristic beaches including ''Tomú'' and ''Coveñas'', home of Porro Music. The city is home of the beauty queen Ariadna Gutierrez.
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