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Be aware that if you have visited Thailand many times, particularly using visa-exempt entries, it is very possible that the immigration officer may suspect that you are working illegally in the country and refuse your entry. They also have the power to ask you to show 20,000 baht (or the equivalent in another currency) '''in cash''', to prove that you have money for your stay, and you will likely be sent back to the country you came from if you don't have it (they do not accept bank books, credit cards, statements, only cash). There are no ATMs air-side. You are more likely to be questioned if you visit Thailand using back-to-back visas, or if you spend more time in Thailand than you do your home country.
Just bear in mind that tourist visas are for genuine tourists. If you are getting several tourist visas per year then the authorities, quite rightly, will suspect that you are not in fact a genuine tourist and you could be sent back to your country of departures. Always get the correct type of visa because the government is getting stricter about refusing entry to and removing people who are abusing their tourist visa.
{{infobox|Visa exemption changes|Starting 29 August 2014, 30-day visa exemption and tourist visas can be extended for 30 days once at the nearest immigration office. According to immigration, you should bring with you an onward flight ticket, THB20,000 (some have reported the money has not been asked for), hotel booking confirmation/itinerary, passport sized photo, and application fee of THB1,900 before expiry of the initial 30 day period. Get there early, they start handing out numbers usually at 08:00.<br />More information can be found on the [ Thai Immigration] website.}}

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