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Get in: Added info
==Get in==
Frequent buses from:
* [[Ciudad del Este]] stopping at all towns including [[Trinidad (Paraguay)|Trinidad]] for the Jesuit Mission take about 6 hours and 11for ~70,000 Gs (as of February 2019).5 US$
* [[Asuncion]] take about 7h and 12.5 US$ and pass by in [[San Ignacio Guazú]] (3h, 6 US$)
* [[Posadas]] in [[Argentina]] Local buses labelled labeled "Internacional", white in colourcolor, depart from the bus station and stops several places in the city centrecenter. They leave roughly every half hour. Tickets are 20 Pesos50 AR$/10, G. 7500 000 Gs (May 2017as of February 2019). The bus will drop you off at the Argentinian passport office(all bags/suitcases will be scanned when you enter Argentina), and there you will need to wait for the next one after getting your stamp. It will cross the bridge, then leave you at the Paraguayan passport office. Wait and catch the next one (keep your ticket stub!) instead of paying the exorbitant taxi fees. Bus The bus will drop you at the terminal in Encarnación, or somewhere else along the way.As of April 2015 an international train runs from both ways from Encarnacion Encarnación to Posadas. Trains run from approximately 0700 to 1730 every half hour, the journey takes 8 minutes. The fare is 7,000 Gurani or 18 Argentine pesos (approx $1.40 US).
==Get around==

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