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*Museo Alberto del Valle. 8 km out of Encarnacion on road Tupasy Rape. Museum on post colonial times. To get there, take bus on corredor 2 (G. 2500, Des 2016).
*<see name="Jesuit Missions" alt="" address="[Trinidad]" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="25,000 Gs. (Des 2016Feb 2019)" lat="" long="">The Jesuit missions near Encarnación are some of the most important and impressive in Paraguay. El Ruta Jesuita is just about the only nationally organised Paraguayan tourist activity, so reaching them is easy. Taking any bus going north, you can get off at Trinidad, a small village. Tickets are 7,000 Gs. per person. Locals will happily shout "Ruinas!" as you approach; return buses are caught from the shelter across the road from where you disembark at a crossroads.
The road to the right leads you to Trinidad, the Jesuit capital, and the ticket officeat SERTUR. It is a 5 minute walk. Your 25,000 Gs. ticket is valid for three days, and gets you in to all three ruins near Encarnación. Trinidad has a small museum. Jesús is down the left hand road from the crossroads, but it is 10km away. You can rent a bike at the Ruinas hotel (right beside the Trinidad ruins), or take a moto-taxi for 30,000 (try to share - they can carry four people). The ticket office of Trinidad can arrange taxis but it will cost 30.000 per person (Feb 2015).
The ruins are well worth a visit; bring lunch and enjoy it in the old Plaza Mejor. </see>

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