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If you are a foreigner, its best to rent a car. If you decide to rent a car note that for any minor traffic incidents causing bumps or scratches to the car, whether involving a third party or not, you must immediately call traffic police (phone number: 112) to register the incident, otherwise you will most probably find that your insurance will not cover the damage. In case of doubt, call the insurance company too. Check the Terms & Conditions of your rental agreement closely.
If you travel by your own car, a '''road vignette is mandatory not even at motorways but at all main roads too'''. It costs €8 for 7 days and you can purchase it at border or at gas stations. It can't be purchased onlineat
Driving in Bulgaria can be a bit precarious - many roads do not have defined lanes, are not well marked, and are in poor conditions. Locals often do not observe speed limits and do not signal when changing lanes.
Bulgaria offers amazing opportunities for all kinds of activities - mountain climbing, diving, bird watching, adrenaline adventures, history tours, city breaks and more.
In last years climbing becomes more popular among new generation. Especially sport climbing and boulder had been loudly developing. You will discover amazing rocks and such a friendly junkies, with whom you will satisfy your passion.

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