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Isla Mujeres

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By boat
'''IF STAYING IN CANCUN->''' Puerto Juarez is quite close to downtown Cancun, but not within a walking distance.
1) From ADO Bus Station:
Cross the road, close to the Mc Donald’s you may get in the public bus Ruta 1 6 (R1R6) that goes to Pto Juarez. When you see the bus coming just flag the conductor- 10 pesos.Get off at UltraMar, pay 300 pesos return. departures every 30 mins. 
2) Puerto Juarez can be reached by small yellow colectivo vans with Ultramar ferry advertisements. In January 2018 we found these colectivos queuing up about 4 blocks north and 1 block east of the downtown Cancun ADO bus station. I.e., leave ADO station and go north on Av. Tulum and then turn right on Av. Chichen-Itza or Carr. Costera del Golfo / Lopez Portillo. Unfortunately, I can't remember which street the right turn was, but you will hopefully see a line of yellow colectivos at the end of the block when you turn right. (An earlier version of this page said the yellow Ultramar colectivos left from McDonald's across the street from ADO central, but in January 2018 we waited there for ~30 minutes and none came. We did see several drop people off at ADO on the other side of the street, so another strategy would be to wait there and ask where the pickups happen).
starting literally in front of McDonalds, which is opposite the ADO bus station in downtown within a few minutes for 8 pesos (2016); in January 2018 we had to go about 4 blocks north of McDonald's and then turn right/East to find the yellow Ultramar vans. Look for small yellow minivans with advertisement of Ultramar ferries. The locals use Puerto Juarez and thus these ferries can get crowded. Be advised that these rides although fast, can be somewhat rough in bad weather, especially in the evening. Usually, the boat ride is nice, you can go upstairs listening to live music or downstairs with the air conditioned on.
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