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*'''City Center'''. Main streets are full of 19 century tenement houses.
*'''Three Emperors' Corner'''. In 19 century it was a place of Germany, Russia and Austria borders. There's also a monument commemorating thousands of people crossing it to reach Western European Countries and Americas.
*'''Firefighting Museum ''' . Centralne Muzeum Pożarnictwa in Polish. An unique museum with firefighting exhibition.
*'''Holy Cross Church'''. A tiny church from beginning of 19 century located on city's main square.
*'''Mary's Nativity Church'''. A church with middle-age origin located near main square.
*'''Sacred Heart church'''. A neogothic church from the end of 19 century located near main square.
*'''Lutheran church'''. A church from 19 century near the city center.
*'''chapel in Kosztowy district'''. A chapel located near Józef Rymer street.
*'''chapel'''. Another chapel in Kosztowy district. It was founded in 1899 by Kutz familly. It's located on the Józef Rymer and Kosztowska crossroad
*'''Gniłek family chapel'''. A stony chapel from 1937 located in Adam Dzióbek street, in Brzezinka district.
*'''Our Lady of Sorrows church'''. A church from first half of 20 century in Brzęczkowice district. There's a Catholic Missions Museum. It's sightseeing its available on request.
*'''Przewiązka'''. It was a border and register station connected with history of thousands of people emigrating to Western Europe and Americas.
*'''City Museum'''. Muzeum Miasta Mysłowice in Polish. A museum with historical exhibition. Some exhibitions are devoted to 19 century migrations.
*'''Dziećkowice district Cemetery ''' (''Ignacy Łukasiewicz street'') A cemetery has its origins in 14 century. There's a 19 century chapel.
*'''Main cemetery''' (''Mikołowska street''). The big cemetery in the city center. There're 19 century graves of priest Ludwik Markiefka, Klaus and Robak families. There's also a I world war captives quarter (mostly of Serbian, Russian, Romanian and British origins)
*'''Promenade'''. A long alley starting near Przewiązka.
*'''All Saints Church'''. A neogothic church from the end of 19 century located in Dziećkowice district.
*'''Park Zamkowy'''. A huge park near promenade.
*'''St. Joseph's church''' (''PCK street 209''). Church from 20s built in historical style, located in Krasowy district. There're bautiful stain glasses.
*'''Szyb Bończyk'''. An old coal mine well, nowadays a splurge restaurant.
*'''St. John The Baptist's Beheading church''' (''Jastrun street 15''). A contemporary church with beautiful interior near Szyb Bończyk. It's also a great view point.
*'''Visitation of Virgin Mary church''' (''Kościelna street 14''). A 19 century church located in Brzezinka district with beautiful interior.
*'''Our Lady of Fatima church ''' (''Wiosny Ludów street 46''). A beautiful contemporary church in Wesoła district.
*'''Dziećkowice and Wesoła Fala lakes'''. Artificial lakes, popular place of relax and doing sports.
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