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'''Barcelona''' is the capital and largest city of [[Catalonia]] and [[Spain]]'s second largest city, with a population of over one and half million people (over five million in the whole province).
===Food Tours===
If you are looking for a quick introduction to Barcelona's cuisine, you could consider going on a food tour - wine tour, tapas tour, cooking classes, market tour... options are plentiful and the hard part is to choose one.
'''Wanderbeak Tours Barcelona''' [] is run by locals who love sharing their passion for the city. Being prestigious members of Barcelona Turisme Premium and TripAdvisor certificate of excellence winners - ensures the best experiences for small group food tours, tapas tours and wine tastings. They curate private VIP tours for the more discerning and day trips into the countryside for the more curious. Far more than just a food tour, they share their passion for the history and stories behind the food, the traditions, the neighborhoods and the people who live here. They uncover the local secrets and hidden gems of this medieval and contemporary city, to give travelers a truly memorable experience.
'''Foodie&Tours''' [] is a local company that is catered towards foodies traveling in Spain. They have consolidated more than 40 food tours in Barcelona, offering a wide variety of culinary experiences - Spanish food tours, Catalan food tours, Penedes winery day trips, paella cooking classes, Boqueria visits, and more.
'''Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours''' [] is a small business dedicated to showcase the best of Catalan Gastronomy. It works only with family own local business in non-touristy areas of the city, where the curious traveler get immerse into the tapas tradition, wine and cava worlds and the culture of distinct neighborhoods of the city. Their food tours have been praised among the top 10 walking tours of Barcelona.
'''Barcelona Slow Travel''' [] is one of the city's most unique tourism companies as it's all about authenticity and sustainability. The 2 young Barcelona locals that run the company created truly authentic experiences allowing travelers travellers to deeply immerse themselves in the Barcelona lifestyle. All their offerings must comply with strict sustainable tourism guidelines, such as respecting the local people, supporting family-run businesses, keeping Catalan culture and traditions alive and preserving the environment. They offer food tours and cooking classes both in and out the city, wine tours to small, organic family run wineries, a cooking day trip to meet with local farmers, pick and cook a traditional Catalan lunch, a tour of the fishing port, and more..
===Cookery Class===

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