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Puerto Vallarta

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Note that the arrival area is plagued by timeshare hucksters as you come out from customs. They will offer to arrange a cab for you and try to rope you into a timeshare sales presentation. After you clear customs, walk quickly through the next room - the one housing the hucksters - continue walking past the rope-line. Now look for the official taxi kiosk out in the main airport atrium. You purchase your taxi trip here. All other offers of cab rides you will receive between customs and the kiosk will be from timeshare hucksters. Ignore every one of them. The bad experience of those taken in can ruin one's first hours in PVR, and that would be a shame. Or hire private transportation.
If you've packed lightly you can take the city buses into town. Turn left as you come out of the building and go towards the main road. The bus stop is to your left, under the pedestrian overpass (1/4 block from the airport door), next to the airport terminal building. Wait for a bus (5 minutes or so) marked "Centro" or "Zona Romantica" (but NOT marked Pitillal or Bobadilla), wave it down, pay your M$710.50 00 pesos, and enjoy the ride. The bus stops all throughout the town. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the bus to get to its farthest southerly stop. You've just saved US$20 ($250 pesos)! You don't need exact change for the bus. Drivers will make change for bills $50.00 pesos & smaller. If going to the main bus station (or a bus to Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, and anywhere north along Hwy 200) go over the pedestrian bridge to the other side. The other stop is under the bridge at the opposite side. Get off at Km 9 or 9.5 which is front of the Corona building and walk up two or three blocks along Las Palmas (one of the roads beside the building) past the building to get there. Some of the of the buses such as the "Ixtapa" or "Central Autobuses" buses may make a turn at the Coronas building and go by the bus station. Ask the driver when getting on.
===By private transportation===
Second class buses run from coastal towns throughout the Riviera [[Nayarit]] such as San Blas. Fares on second class buses can be paid to the driver if picked up from alongside of the road.
To catch a local bus into town, exit the bus station and keep walking across the parking area. Then walk to your right toward the corner. The city buses will stop here. Any bus you pick up here will take you all the way down to the "Romantic Zone (Zona Romantica)", about a half an hour drive, for just Mx$510.5000! Although not really known to tourists, the buses are one of the best ways to mingle with the locals, as well as getting a nice view of the town.
It is possible to walk between the airport and the bus station, however, catching a city bus is a cheap and reliable option from the other side of the road from the airport terminal. Go across the pedestrian bridge and the stop is under the pedestrian bridge on the other side.
Be prepared for fast speeds, as the cab drivers have schedules to adhere to. Many of the cabs do not have working seatbelts or speedometers as well. Taxi drivers tend to gather at the intersection close to the liquor outlet in the Centro District. They are friendly and you can negotiate trips outside of Puerto Vallarta at a very reasonable cost on slow days. They will wait for you while you dine or shop as well as take a photograph of you and your mates. Include a small tip with the very reasonable fare.
Tip: From the airport, there are two types of taxis available to get you to where you are going. The white federal taxis are available immediately upon exiting the airport but are more expensive. Cross the pedestrian bridge over the highway for the cheaper yellow taxis that are more common in other parts of the city. Crossing the bridge is also where you will need to meet your rideshare (Uber/Lyft) driver.
===By bus===
*'''Local trips'''
Bus trips cost around $6.50 10 pesos, which is about US$0.5052 (0.35 46 Euro) that you pay to the bus driver when you get in and every ride is good for as long as you have to stay on... the whole city if you'd like. It is easy to find a bus stop. You will see large numbers of people loitering on the sidewalk. If you wait a few minutes, a bus will stop as they run quite frequently. Look for your travel location on the bus windshield. Buses stop almost every five to ten blocks and at peak hours tend to get very full & can get very hot, so be ready for that. If you are a man, be ready to give up your seat to women if the bus becomes crowded. Bus drivers will make change for any amount up to $50.00 pesos, but won't break larger bills. (these prices updated August 2010)
The buses are very reliable quite handy to get to places like Pitillal (the rapidly growing suburb to the NE) and Ixtapa (including the nearby U of Guadalajara campus with its gallery and crocodile farm). They are also useful for traveling from the hotel zone and marina area to the downtown or old-town areas. Any bus marked Centro will pass through both. Buses marked "Túnel" will skip downtown and head directly to the old-town / zona romantica via the tunnel bypass.
If you want to catch a bus south to Barra de Navidad or any of the towns south to Costa Alegre, you can catch the bus at the corner of [Dieguez & Aguacate] at the south end of town. Busses leave at 6 am & 9 am. Look for the blue bus stop sign. You will have to pay the driver in Peso's (fares vary on distance). Just tell the driver where or when you want to get off the bus. Most busses make frequent stops but have A/C. Regional buses are very reliable & run 7 days per week.
===By Car===
* [ City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta]<listing name="Puerto Vallarta Car Rental" alt="City Car Rental" phone="+52 (322) 308.0085" tollfree="+1 305 529 3997" url=""></listing>
* You are able to parasail at pretty much every beach. The sky-high trip usually lasts around 15 min. Avoid Claudia's Parachutes in front of the restaurant Coco Tropical. Claudia's, run by Pepe (alias 'Leche') is run by criminals laundering money for their cartel bosses. Your security is of little importance. Corruption runs deep in Mexico so they are allowed to continue to operate without consequences.
'''Jet Skiing'''
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