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Mount Kilimanjaro

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With such passion for and knowledge of the places they visit you will feel the care that they put into every trip.</do>
*<do name="Globeinter Safaris Ltd" alt="Kilimanjaro Machame" address="Goliondoi Road" directions="Arusha" phone="+255767288514" url="" hours="8 am - 6pm" price="$1,566/person; $1,516/person for groups of 6 or more; Extra days on the mountain: $200/person/day; Low Season: $50/person discount from April 1 - June 15, and November" lat="$1516" long="7 - day Trek">This is Kilimanjaro’s longer, more scenic, “Whiskey Route.” The typical duration for this trip is 6 days. However, you can also add an extra acclimatization day and make it a 7-day trek.</do>
*<do name="Climbing Kilimanjaro" alt="" address="Moshi-himo road Sanawari" directions="Arusha" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""> Mount Kilimanjaro climbing specialists, We also do other treks to mount Meru and Oldoinyo Lengai. </do>
* <do name="Meru Wellness Retreat" alt="" address="Mangusha Street" directions="Arusha" phone="+254(0) 701 403 108" url="" hours="" price="$2000 to $2600" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru treks. Safaris at all popular national parks and cultural excursions. Volunteerism. Wellness retreat with bootcamps, yoga classes, etc. Vegetarian considerations. Eco-retreat and fair pay employer. </do>
* <do name="Arusha Hostel Lodge and Adventures" alt="" address="Ngulelo" directions="Arusha" phone="+255(0) 784 876 731" url="" hours="24" price="$1400 to $1600" lat="-3.365201" long="36.726952" email="[email protected]"> AHLA Organizes Mt Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Mt Oldonyo Lengai climbing Expeditions . Safaris at all national parks ,Zanzibar Beach Holidays, Cycling Adventures and cultural tourism. </do>
This type of altitude sickness is known as altoxia, a term which is used almost exclusively on Kilimanjaro, since this is the only commonly trekked mountain where these extreme altitudes are encountered so quickly.
'''Lifesaving tips:''' This can be a life or health saving resource site: Follow Alice is serious about [ Kilimanjaro safety]. This organization provides essential free tips and referrals re: high altitude hiking, as well as some tours that are often funded mostly by lodges. This site offers a free preparation and gear list: .
Most high altitude medical experts recommend against using the ALTOX Personal Oxygen System. Please consult your physician prior to considering this product that is sold at an additional expense by some agents. We also highly recommend purchasing a travel insurance before your Kilimanjaro climb :
Choosing longer routes is preferable when selecting a safe approach to the summit. Both the Lemosho Route and the Northern Circuit provides climbers with longer climb times allowing better options to acclimate to altitude variations while [ Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro]. As with any high altitude climb, taking the necessary time to allow your body to properly adjust to elevation change is essential.

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